Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1 – Unlimited Moves & Lives

unnamed 300x187 Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1   Unlimited Moves & Lives

Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1

Welcome. Today we are glad to introduce you a brand new hack tool for Candy Crush Saga v1.22.1 available for iOS. Drizz0x made a really good job. He hacked the game correctly and released this tool with most wanted resources available in game such as Moves and Lives. With this hack you will be able to get as many of these resources as you want. Just download it and have fun! icon smile Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1   Unlimited Moves & Lives


  • iOS compatible
  • No Jailbreak!
  • Undetectable
  • 100% safe without any viruses/trojans/etc
  • No upload files on your device
  • Use from your computer
  • Directly connects to your plugged device
  • Unlimited Moves
  • Unlimited Lives

ccs 256x300 Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1   Unlimited Moves & Lives

How to use:

  1. Plug in your device.
  2. Open the hack.
  3. Choose your device and click CONNECT button.
  4. Choose any feature and click HACK button.
  5. Wait until progressbar goes up to 100%

If you don’t know how to download our files, CLICK HERE.
If there are any problems with download or with the file, please contact us as soon as possible and we will fix it.

Cheat Working?


602 for YES 24 for NO

button7a Candy Crush Saga Hack 1.22.1   Unlimited Moves & Lives

If you are downloading our files, you automatically accept our rules.

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